Long Hiatus

I apologize profusely to those faithful few who trickle in here for not updating this in a while. Life had gotten the better of me. I’m done with college now so I have more time and I’d like to spend more of it writing. I’ve updated the look of the blog and hopefully I’ll have some new content soon.


A little while ago The Prosblogion posted an interesting play-by-play of an exchange between Alvin Plantinga and Daniel Dennett here. I apologize because I know that this is getting old but I just haven’t had time to post it.

The exchange is interesting for two reasons. First, because it is between two rather seminal thinkers and secondly because it facilitated a rather interesting discussion in the comments section about:

1. The exchange between Plantinga and Dennett


2. The discussion of a proposed existence of “bias” against philosophers of religion (or more specifically theistic philosophers).

Quite a few other philosopher bloggers have written about this exchange. Leiter talks about it here, Keith DeRose addresses it here on The Prosblogion, Bill Vallicella here, Chris Pinkcock here and Bradley Monton here.

Edit: I also forgot to add that in the comments section someone posted a link to an mp3 of the whole conversation. It can be found here. The audio quality isn’t the best, but with headphones or loud speakers it’s understandable.

is here

Home Brewing

Philadelphia Weekly has included a video here of a quick (very quick) run through detailing how to make homebrew. If you’re interested in learning to brew beer this should give you a feel for how easy it really is.

If you want to go further I’d suggest hitting up your local home brew supply store or checking out “How to Brew” (best if owned, but the online book works well to get started) or Home Brew Talk a great forum filled with VERY helpful people that can help you get started buying and figuring out how to home brew.

All Photos are from my first experience home brewing, which turned out great.

[HT: Joe Sixpack’s Blog Beer Radar]


If you’re having trouble reading the small text the full size original is here.

The Consciousness Online virtual conference is up here. Just scanned through it but I’d say it’s defiantly worth a look.

darwinIt only took 150 years but according to the Times Online the Catholic church has fully embraced Darwinism, here. If this wasn’t enough members of the Church are proposing to ban Intelligent Design from an up coming conference as “poor theology and poor science”. This is great news for science and great news for the Catholic Church. Now if we could only get the Evangelicals to embrace the theory of evolution here in the U.S.