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Long Hiatus

I¬†apologize¬†profusely to those faithful few who trickle in here for not updating this in a while. Life had gotten the better of me. I’m done with college now so I have more time and I’d like to spend more of it writing. I’ve updated the look of the blog and hopefully I’ll have some new content soon.


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My Absence

The reason I want to start a new weblog at a new location was because my old one became stale. What I mean by this is that I had been exceptionally displeased with the nature of the posts that I had over at my old blog. But beyond that, I was bitten by the election bug. I have been obsessing over the election since the Hilary Clinton refused to die back in March/Apri. This unfortunate event made me begin to obsess with seeing results. I couldn’t stop until someone (anyone really) won. I’m so glad that this election is finally over and I can return to my normal everyday life.

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